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Interpretations by S.D. Stephenson​

Capturing the evolution of Landscape and life

Brutal Beauty 1 

Brutal Beauty 1  1-SDS-min.jpg

Brutal Beauty 2

Brutal Beauty 2  1-SDS-min.jpg

Evolution 1

Evolution 1-min.jpg

Evolution 2

Evolution 2-min.jpg

Evolution 3

Evolution 3-min.jpg

Evolution 4

Evolution 4-min.jpg

Evolution 5

Evolution 5-min.jpg

Evolution 6

Evolution 6-min.jpg

Evolution 7

Evolution 7(6x2)-min.jpg

Journey of the Soul 1

Journey of the Soul 1  1-SDS-min.jpg

Exhibited in Remembrance 100  at

Cumbria's Museum of  Military Life

Journey of the Soul 2

Journey of the Soul 2-min.jpg

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